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Schedule and previous thoughts before starting the path to the CCIE Voice

June 21st, 2012 | Posted by Jaime Diez in Cisco

In previous post, I expressed my desire to get the CCIE Voice certification, so because I am going to start my continuous working day at work(not stopping for lunch), I have been preparing and scheduling my “journey” for the next months. I know that the version could change soon, but I am not in a hurry. The five numbers are the prize, but the important part is the knowledge.

There are no guides or specific books to get this certification, just the blueprint with the topics that will appear on the exam. It requires the best of your effort and proper planning. Every person is completely different, so something that worked for one might not work for others.

To accomplish my goal, I have designed my schedule based on my personality and the things that I have learnt about myself. Nobody knows you better than yourself. Look inside of yourself and look for your most productive hours and days. how will you handle difficult moments when you feel down (because you will have these)? On the other hand, when you feel full of energy, how will you take advantage of that?

What I mean is, try to plan for every possible situation to have everything under control, because to improvise, generally, is not a good idea. When you feel like you are ready, set realistic goals because, if you don’t, you will have the feeling that you are not doing enough and you won’t be motivated. Every little step is a victory and each victory will keep you motivated.

I hope this can help you in your life like it does in mine.

After this introduction, you will find below my schedule and the plan that I am going to follow in the next 2 months.

Every Sunday night I will plan any upcoming event for the week to see how to adapt it to my program.

Schedule CCIE Voice

With this schedule I will log 40 hours per week which I think is quite good.


I will study theory for one and a half hour before I go to my job, because once I wake up my mind can’t stop thinking because I get an incredible concentration. This is my best moment for sure.

After work, I will have four and a half hours to watch voice videos, study theory or practise in the lab. I will plan these activities on Sundays.

My one-to-one English class helps me to clear my mind and think on other things. Sports are also important for me. I love them because I have fun and releave stress.

The last hours of the day are less productive in my case; therefore, I will use it to log my day and make a brief mental review about the topics that I studied.


Fridays and weekends will be defined during the week, because in summer I usually go to my village on the weekeends, but that is not problem because I will have my laptop and my VPN connection.


When I was studying for the CCNP Voice certification, I got pretty well familiarized with the Cisco documentation which I consider to be the key tool, even for day-to-day work.  Some time ago I decided to avoid the temptation to use any searcher, and I just use the documentation page which, by the way, will be present on the lab exam.

In addition to the Cisco documentation to brush up on some concepts and learn new ones (SRND will be my bible!), I will use videos and workbooks from a CCIE training provider, and I will read as much as I can about the exam!

For the lab, I will be using mine to day-to-day and for the full 8 hour lab days and I will get some rack rental sessions.

Final thoughts

For this journey I will be my own “boss”, I will have to be very strict with myself but fortunately there are more people out there pursuing the same goal so I will participate actively in mail lists, forums and communities to keep me motivated. Keep learning and practising to get the knowledge!


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