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Campus infrastructure and QoS

July 7th, 2012 | Posted by Jaime Diez in Cisco

During these last two weeks I have been dealing with the campus infrastructure, VLAN, DHCP, TFTP and NTP, brushing up on some concepts, and also with QoS, which has taken me most of my time. QoS was the topic in which I had the less experience, but now, I can say that I understand it and know how it works perfectly.

In this post I will just show you the guides and documents that I am using. Next week I will post again with some examples and notes.

Regarding VLAN, DHCP, TFTP and NTP protocols, if you are pursuing the CCIE Voice, like I am, you should be quite familiarized with these, but it is worth it to have a look at the SRND to refresh best practices

Cisco SRND CUCM 7.x

Try these links in case you need to check any example, commands, or ways to configure something:

Cisco IOS 12.4T

Catalyst 3750 12.2(44) Configuration Guide

Catalyst 3750 12.2(44) Command Reference Guide

Regarding QoS, you should read the following to get the expert level:

Cisco SRND QoS

QoS section in the Catalyst 3750 Configuration Guide

QoS section in the Medianet Reference Guide

Cisco QoS Command Reference

Here you have some useful examples:

Cisco Catalys 3750 QoS configuration examples

In the following link, you can see an animation to make understanding easier.

QoS animation

In a lab environment sometimes is difficult to simulate congestion, therefore you have better know the behaviour of every command that you type because you will just be able to “test” it in your mind.

I also have been watching some videos which have been really useful to learn some tips and new ways to do things.

This is a short post but deep in content.

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