Digging deep into Unified Communications from Spain.

As I commented in my previous post, I am planning the implementation of big unified communications lab environment based on the Cisco and Microsoft UC portfolios.

The goal of this personal project is to show everyone how unified communications connect us with people and information, helping us to improve our collaboration experiences. I will try to show you all the features available and how to implement it following the design rules and best practices provided by each vendor with the methods and tools that help us to build  simple and scalable solutions for large environments, despite the nature of my lab.

As depicted below in the diagram the idea is to have two sites, one located at Madrid, Spain and the other one located at New York, USA. Both sites will have their own and independent solutions to see how to interoperate different platforms with the same or different vendors.


Following a high summary of the versions that I will use at each site:

CompanySP, Madrid Site

  • – Cisco UC based on 9.1
  • – Lync 2013
  • – Cisco Gateway with an E1 PRI and a ISP SIP Trunk
  • –  Exchange Server 2010
  • – Active Directory
  • – Cisco SME

CompanyUS, NY Site

  • – Cisco UC based on 8.6
  • – Lync 2010
  • – Cisco Gateway with an E1 PRI and a ISP SIP Trunk
  • – Exchange Server 2010
  • – Active Directory
  • – Cisco Webex Meetings Server

I will deploy the platform over virtual machines with two host VMware ESXi 5.1, both managed by a vCenter 5.1. My hardware is limited so I will try to allocate the resources as efficiently as possible.

More details and requirements coming!

CCIE Voice #39440!!

July 3rd, 2013 | Posted by Jaime Diez in CCIE Voice - (1 Comments)

It’s been a long time since I wrote my last blog post with a brief summary of the topics that I had covered at that time for the CCIE Voice certification. Fortunately after a very long and tough journey, I got my number one monCCIE #39440 Jaime Diezth ago at my fist attempt in Brussels, it is an incredible experience.

It requires a ton of hours to prepare the exam, many hours taken away from my girlfriend, family and friends, which has been the worst part of this journey by far. Because of that,  I have to thank all of them to support and motivate me, THANK YOU!

During this time I have spent many hours studying, watching videos, reading documentation, practicing in my lab, discussing with other guys in my study group from all over the world, getting in contact with other CCIEs, reading different strategies, planning my attempt, sleeping just a few hours each day… But I have learnt things from every moment, every second and I have put all of them together into my own journey to achieve my goal.

I pass the exam on May 31st two days after the announcement of the new CCIE Collaboration and the retirement of CCIE Voice with the non-grandfathered new, just to add a little bit more of pressure! Anyway I hardly slept a few hours the night before the exam so when I left the lab I was really exhausted.

During the last month, I have been celebrating the achievement with my family and friends but there is not time to relax, so here I go again with lot of great things in mind for the future. From now on, I will try to keep the blog updated with several topics about unified communications from different vendors.

Up to now, I have deleted the VMs with the version 7.0.1 of CUCM and I am building an interesting lab with the Cisco UC portfolio, Lync and the interoperability of both solutions.

I have decided also to write posts with information for non-technical people to show them what unified communications offer us, to improve business and make our lives easier.

Thank you for reading, see you soon!