Digging deep into Unified Communications from Spain.

It has been more than a month since I published my previous post. Due to the summer and vacation I moved my lab to my village, where I have had limited access to Internet connection, but I have been studying and working hard!

After coming back again to the city, I think that looking back over my progress and what I have done so far could be a great idea.

1.01 VLAN
1.02 DHCP
1.03 TFTP
1.04 NTP
2.01 CUCM SCCP Endpoints
2.02 CUCM SIP Endpoints
4.01 T1/E1 PRI
4.03 H323
4.04 MGCP
4.05 SIP
5.01 ROute Patterns and Dial-peers
5.02 Digit Manipulations and Translations
5.03 Class of Services
5.04 Route Selection Preference and Redundancy
7.01 CODEC Selection and Flexibility
7.02 Conference Bridges
7.03 Transcoder
7.04 MoH
7.05 Media Resources Preference and Redundancy
7.06 Other CUCM Media Resources
8.01 Call Park
8.02 Call Pickup
8.03 Barge
8.04 Callback
8.05 Other Supplementary Services
10.01 L2/L3 Traffic Classifications and Policing
10.02 L2/L3 Queuing Mechanisms
10.03 L2 LFI
10.04 RSVP
10.05 Call Admission Control
11.01 Cisco Unity Connection

 I have been working extensively on the topics remarked and still working on some of them.

I have been using the Cisco documentation for theory. I also purchased the Cisco Press book called ”Cisco Unity Connection” which is based on v8.5  but is quite helpful for most topics of v7.0.1.

Once a week, I try to review everything done up to that day to retain everything in my mind and to gain speed configuring.

I will keep updating my journey more often!